If you want to experience the magic of Disney from your phone following Shonduras is a must! He has teamed up with Disney multiple times to make interactive snapchat stories throughout their parks.


Shonduras and AT&T are joining forces to bring you the AT&T Hello Lab! Over the course of the year Shonduras is leading an innovative series, live experiences, albums, giveaways, podcasts and more. Follow along and see what he’s creating in the AT&T Hello Lab.


Ever heard of the Samsung Gear VR? That was maybe in part due to the promotions Shonduras did for Samsung. Shonduras and Samsung have partnered up multiple times for some awesome content.

Red Bull Branded Content

Traveling over 50 miles by hitchhiking only, skating with Lil’ Wayne, or just kickin it at The Red Bull Guest House in Miami Shonduras will be there! Red Bull can reach their demographic with Shonduras.

Star Wars Logo

BB8 takes a break from filming at nearby Pinewood studios to explore London’s famous sights and visit ILM London with Shonduras. This series was done to promote the release of Star Wars, The Force Awakens.


Scion invited Shonduras and Steve Aoki to the L.A. Auto Show to help document the incredible new automobiles they were featuring for the 2016 year. They were able to reach their desired demographic directly with Shonduras.


Taco Bell was releasing their new invention, the Cap’n Crunch Delights and who better to help you talk about cereal than Shonduras. Shonduras did a snapchat story with Taco Bell to promote these new yummy morsels!


Yoplait yogurt had Shonduras do a mock cooking show teaching the audience how to make tasty Yoplait treats. He had help from “Martin Stewart” and “Richard Ray” in his debut as a cooking show host.


When Rick Grimes ask you to do something you simply do it. Shonduras was thrilled to document AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 6 premier on his snapchat account. Nothing better than hanging out with Daryl Dixon and a couple zombies.


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